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Unlike others, if you choose optional extras, ‘we’ will include those costs in your car rental, so you know the true final price before booking.


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1. T.P.L (Third Party Liability Insurance) – limited with the excess. Standard insurance which is included in the rental price. Excess amount varies depending on the category of the vehicle and does not cover tyres, windscreen and underneath of the vehicle.

2. C.D.W (Collision Damage Waiver) – excess reducer. Optional coverage – reduces the excess to 200 and 900 euros, depending on the category of the vehicle. Does not cover tyres, windscreens and underneath of the vehicle.

3. F.C.D.W (Full Collision Damage Waiver) – with zero excess. Optional coverage – reduces the excess to zero and covers the vehicle from theft and any damage. Does not cover tyres, windscreens and underneath of the vehicle.

4. C.P.P (Complete Protection Package) – Covers the vehicle with zero excess from theft and any damage, including tyres, windscreens and underneath of the car as well as enhances Road Side Assistance services.

*Prices for all types of coverage packages vary from category of the vehicle and the length of rental period. (Contact us to find out prices for all insurance packages)

*Non of the coverage packages (T.P.L, C.D.W, F.C.D.W, C.P.P) will cover damages appeared as the result of:

  • Driving the vehicle under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol

  • Driving the vehicle in rough terrain conditions and off-roads (non asphalted areas)

  • Driving the vehicle at the territory of North Cyprus (area occupied by Turkish army)

*All the coverage packages will be immediately canceled if the customer leaves the accident place before appearance of the official representative of insurance company, police or 24.rentals Representative.


NOTE: insurance cover and help is not provided in the occupied part of Cyprus.

Terms & Conditions

1. Everyone starting from 20 years old are able to be a customer of kanalli Rentals Ltd.

2. Drivers over 70 years old are not able to purchase additional protection packages such us C.P.P (Complete Protection Package), S.C.D.W (Super Collision Damage Waiver) and C.D.W (Collision Damage Waiver).

3. When you are booking a car through our website, you are booking a specific model, with all types of T.P.L insurances A B C category.

4. Payments should be made according to the rates of kanalli Rentals Ltd. All Prices are in euros incl. VAT

5. Rental price includes

– Delivery to your door in Paphos area,

– Unlimited milage

– T.P.L. (Third Party Liability Insurance)

*Excess amount vary depending on the category of the vehicle.

6. We use “Full to Full” fuel policy. All vehicles are provided with full tank of fuel and must be returned full.Or Tank to Tank .

7. To be able to extend your rental agreement you must notify kanalli representative latest 24 hours before agreements end date.

8. In case of early return, the following amount won’t be refunded:

– Price of the last 2 days (in cases when rental agreement is shorter than 7 days)

– Half price of all days left (in cases when rental agreement exceeding 7 days period)

9. The client undertakes to pay any vehicle fines appeared during the rental period.

10. Loss or damage of vehicle key is not covered by any type of insurance or coverage package. Customer undertakes fully compensate the price of vehicle key in such a case.

11. For more information about prices and additional services please contact representative of kanalli rentals Ltd.


Other Policies

Loss Key 500€

Front Glass 700€

Door Scrach 200€